Francis Schaeffer (1912-1984)

                In 1931 Francis Schaeffer entered Hampden-Sidney College in Virginia. Certain people thought it would be amusing to put the five foot-six inch pre-ministerial freshman in the jock dormitory. It was expected that upperclassmen harass freshman. Towering, beefy football players teased small and supposedly meek 'Fran' mercilessly. Fran's roommate 'Snerp' was a particularly nasty upperclassman. If he thought Fran had broken a rule in their room he lashed him across the back with a wire hanger!
           Fran bore it. He wanted to live in Christ. But one day when Snerp had a visitor he decided to show off. For no good reason at all Snerp whipped the hanger across Fran's back while he was studying. Ever since Fran had started at Hampden-Sidney he had suppressed his volcanic temper. Snerp had just knocked the lid off a volcano. Fran exploded into the larger man. They scuffled and fell to the floor. In a flash Fran's arms locked Snerp's neck in a vice. Snerp's visitor broke up the fight after Snerp's face had darkened through several shades of purple.
           Snerp's visitor drawled to Fran, "You're the biggest little man I've ever seen."
           But Fran didn't feel big. He had failed his calling. He had to try harder. Before the year was out he was virtually the dormitory 'chaplain'. Not all the jocks went to his weekly prayer meeting but all yelled for his assistance when they returned to the dorm tipsy. Fran could always be depended upon to be there and help them to their rooms. He was so strong he could throw a large man over his shoulders if necessary and lug him to his room, even up the stairs!

The Tapestry by Edith Schaeffer, 1981]

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It really was not wise to make 'little' Fran mad...

Francis Schaeffer

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