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Born August 26, 1910, in Skopje, Macedonia. Youngest of 2 sisters, 1 brother. Father: wealthy businessman. Raised Catholic. Well schooled. Childhood distinctions: pious, bookish. Never married. 1919 father Nikolai died, possibly murdered. 1922 active in church, first considered life as nun. 1925 read of Jesuit work in India. 1928 screened by Loreto teaching nuns in Ireland. 1929 arrived India. 1931 first vows, took name 'Teresa', began teaching girls at St. Mary's school in Calcutta. 1937 final vows, became Mother Superior of school. 1946 murderous riots in India, heard God 'call' her to help the poor. 1948 left cloister to work slums. 1949 became citizen of India. 1950 Vatican approved Missionaries of Charity order for Calcutta diocese. 1952 opened 'House of the Dying'. 1953 moved order into Motherhouse on Lower Circular Road. 1955 opened Children's Home. 1957 began mobile 'leprosariums'. 1960 order allowed to serve all of India, met Pope John XXIII in Rome. 1961 bought land for leper town. 1963 Missionary Brothers of Charity began. 1965 Vatican approved order for other countries, first house in Colombia. 1969 work filmed by Malcolm Muggeridge. 1970 Something Beautiful for God published by Muggeridge. 1973 Templeton Award. 1979 Nobel Prize for Peace. 1983 first of many health setbacks. 1996 relieved as Mother Superior. Died September 5, 1997.

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BY OR 'AS TOLD BY' MOTHER TERESA (or compilations of her oral and written works):
(ed. by Sean-Patrick Lovett), The Best Gift Is Love : Meditations by Mother Teresa                 PB
Ann Arbor, MI: Servant Publications, 1993.
(ed. by Nancy Sabbag) 
The Blessings of Love. Ann Arbor, MI: Charis, 1996.                                  PB
(ed. Anthony Stern, Larry Dossey)
Everything Starts from Prayer : Mother Teresa's               PB
     Meditations on Spiritual Life for People of All Faiths
. White Cloud Press,1998.
A Gift for God. Harper San Francisco, 1996.                                                                                                PB
(ed. by Jose Luis Gonzalez-Balado)
Heart Of Joy. Ann Arbor, MI: Servant Pub., 1987.              PB
(ed. by Becky Benenate, Marianne Williamson)
In the Heart of the World : Thoughts,             HC
     Stories, & Prayers. Navato, CA: New World Library,1997.
(ed. by Angelo D. Scolozzi)
Jesus, the Word to Be Spoken. Ann Arbor, MI: Servant                    PB
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(with Jaya Chaliha and Edward Le Joly)
Joy in Loving : A Guide to Daily Living                        HC
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