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Born April 15, 1892, in Amsterdam, Holland. Youngest of 3 sisters, 1 brother. Father: watchmaker. Raised in Dutch Reformed church. Well schooled. Both parents lived into adulthood. Childhood distinctions: tomboyish, stubborn. Never married. 1892 family moved to 'Beje' house in Haarlem. 1903 witnessed at aunt's soldier center. 1910 studied two years at Bible school. 1915 jilted by rake Karel. 1918 family took in first of many children. 1919 mother died. 1920 ca. passed Bible school exam. 1920 began training as watchmaker. 1922 first woman watchmaker licensed in Holland. 1923 organized first girls' club. 1930's girls' clubs became very large Triangle Club. 1940 Nazis invaded, banned her club organization. 1942 family very active in Dutch underground hiding refugees. 1944 arrested with entire family, sent first to Dutch prisons, finally to notorious Ravensbruck in Germany. 1945 released days after sister Betsie died, returned to Holland to begin rehabilitation centers. 1946 returned to Germany, beginning many years of itinerant preaching in over 60 countries, writing many books. 1971 fame from The Hiding Place.  1975 movie version of The Hiding Place.  1977 moved to America, wrote devotionals, made movie shorts. 1978 paralyzed by stroke. Died April 15, 1983 on 91st birthday.

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BY CORRIE TEN BOOM (most published by Fleming Revell or Christian Literature Crusade):
Amazing Love                                          HC      PB
Anywhere He Leads Me                                  PB
Clippings From My Notebook                      PB
Common Sense Not Needed                          PB
Defeated Enemies                                             PB
Don't Wrestle,  Just Nestle                            PB
Each New Day                                                    PB
The End Battle                                                   HC
He Cares For You                                             HC
He Cares, He Comforts                                    PB
He Sets the Captives Free 
Jesus Is Victor                                                 
Marching Orders for the End Battle        PB
Not Good If Detached                         HC      PB
Not I, But Christ                                              HC
One Year Book of Personal Prayer           HC
Plenty for Everyone                                       PB
Prayers & Promises For Every Day         PB
A Prisoner and Yet...                                     PB
Prison Letters                                                  PB
Reflections of God's Glory                          HC
Snowflakes in September                           PB
This Day Is the Lord's                                  PB
A Tramp Finds a Home                               PB
Father ten Boom                                            PB
(with Buckingham, Jamie)
Tramp for the Lord. Revell, 1974.                                HC      PB
(with with Carlson, Carole C.)
In My Father's  House. Revell, 1976.                                PB
(with Sherrill, John and Elizabeth)
The Hiding Place. Revell, 1971.                                PB
(with Sherrill, J. and E.)
The Hiding Place (with postscript by Sam Wellman).        HC
     Barbour Pub., 1998.

Andrew, Brother (with Becker, Verne), For the Love of My Brothers. Minneapolis:                    PB
     Bethany House, 1998.
Aroneanu, Eugene, ed.,
Inside the Concentration Camps.  Praeger Pub., 1996.                              PB
Carlson, Carole C.,
Corrie ten Boom: Her Life, Her Faith. Revell, 1983.                                            PB
Foot, M. R. D.,
Holland At War Against Hitler.  Frank Cass, 1990.                                                      HC
Fuykschot, Cornelia, 
Hunger in Holland: Life During the Nazi  Occupation.                                  HC
     Prometheus, 1995.
Gutman, Israel and others, ed.,
Anatomy of the Auschwitz Death Camp. Indiana              HC      PB
     Un. Press, 1994.
Poling, Hans,
Return to the Hiding Place. 1993.                                                                                          PB
Rosewell, Pamela (Moore),
Five Silent Years of Corrie ten Boom. Zondervan, 1986.                    PB
Sofsky, Wolfgang,
The Order of Terror: The Concentration Camp. Princeton Un. Pr., 1999.      PB
Stamps, Ellen de Kroon,
My Years with Corrie. Revell, 1978.                                                                  PB
Van der Zee, Henri,
The Hunger winter: Occupied Holland 1944-1945. Un. Nebr. Pr., 1998.      PB
Wellman, Sam.
Corrie ten Boom. Barbour Publishing, 1995.                                                                  PB

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