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Born December 2, 1848, near Aberdeen, Scotland. 2nd of 7 siblings. Father: shoemaker. Raised Presbyterian. Childhood distinctions: timid, impressionable. Never married. 1858 family moved to Dundee. 1859 father, 3 siblings died over next four years. 1859 began part-time in weaving mill. 1862 worked full-time. 1864 became very active in church. 1876 accepted for training by Presbyterian mission society, sailed for Calabar (part of what is now Nigeria). 1880 opened Old Town mission. 1882 took in first twin babies. 1885 assigned to Creek Town. 1886 reconnoitered murderous Okoyong area. 1888 settled at Ekenge among Okoyong, began several years of incredible adventure. 1891 on furlough to Scotland recognized as outstanding missionary, began writing articles touting abilities of Africans. 1892 appointed Vice-Counsel to administer justice to Okoyong. 1896 relocated to Akpap. 1898 took four of her 'children' on furlough to Scotland. 1903 left Akpap to begin ministry among Aros and Ibibios. 1906 broke with mission society, took judgeship. 1907 major decline in health. 1910 opened mission in Ikpe. 1914 feted in Nigeria with Silver Cross. Died January 13, 1915.

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