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Born May 12, 1820 in Florence, Italy. Father: wealthy English aristocrat. Youngest of 2 sisters. Both parents live into her adulthood. Privately tutored. Raised officially Anglican, unofficially Unitarian. Childhood distinctions: resourceful, restless. Never married. Grew up on two great English estates: Lea Hurst (Derbyshire) and Embley Park (Hampshire). 1829 began diary in French. 1837 mystical calling, began two-year tour of Europe. 1839 'coming out' for Queen Victoria. 1842 first heard of Kaiserwerth deaconesses. 1843 began constant torment of daydreaming. 1844 realized her calling was to the sick. 1845 convinced her role was to be a nurse. 1847 Rome visit reinforced her longings. 1850 Egypt, Greece trip included Kaiserwerth stop. 1852 wrote 'Cassandra' lament. 1853 left home, supervised infirmary for women. 1854 pioneered modern nursing in Crimean War. 1856 returned to England heroine, confidante to Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. 1857 influenced reform of army medical system (implemented in 1859). 1860 published classic Notes on Nursing: What It Is, and What It Is Not, opened Nightingale Training School for Nurses in London, privately circulated rambling Suggestions for Thought. 1861 moved to South Street residence in London, spent rest of life administering nursing school and unofficially advising many medical enterprises. Died August 13, 1910. Buried St. Margaret churchyard at Wellow, near Embley Park.

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The following landmark writings (titles mercifully shortened here) are difficult to find:
     The Institute of Kaiserwerth on the Rhine for the practical training of deaconesses…, 1850.
     Mortality of the British Army…compared with the Mortality of the Civil Population
          in England
, 1858.
     Notes on Hospitals…1858.
     Notes on Matters Affecting the Health, Efficiency, and Hospital Administration of
          the British Army
…, 1858.
     Introduction of Female Nursing into Military Hospitals
, 1858.
     Contribution to the Sanitary History of the British Army in the Late War with Russia, 1859.
     Notes on Nursing for the Labouring Classes, 1861.
     Organization of Nursing in a large town…Liverpool…, 1865.
     Introductory Notes on Lying-in Institutions…Midwives and Midwivery Nurses, 1871.
     Life or Death in India…, 1873.
     Health Teaching in Towns and Villages…, 1894.

NOTE: Dr. Lynn McDonald of the University of Guelph (Ontario, Canada) is Project Director of a sweeping attempt to publish all known writings as the
Collected Works of Florence Nightingale.  Wilfrid Laurier University Press should begin publishing the many volumes in about year 2000. Even Florence's many notations in her Bibles (in seven languages!) will be included.

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