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Born November 29, 1898 in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Youngest of 2 brothers. Father: lawyer. Raised Anglican. Childhood distinctions: bookish, intellectual. Schooled through Oxford University. 1905 mystical experience with 'toy garden'. 1908 mother Flora died. Began English 'public school'. 1914 privately tutored by Kirkpatrick in England. 1917 entered Oxford, left to fight in World War I. 1918 wounded in France. 1919 re-entered Oxford, published first poetry Spirit in Bondage. 1921 lived with Mrs. Moore and daughter. 1925 elected Fellow at Oxford. 1929 no longer atheist; met Tolkien weekly (eventually Inklings). 1930 bought 'Kilns' estate with Mrs. Moore and brother Warnie. 1931 accepted Christ. 1936 Allegory of Love first acclaimed academic writing. 1938 Out of the Silent Planet began noted fiction. 1940 Problem of Pain first of great apologetics. 1941 BBC radio talks explaining Christianity. 1942 satire The Screwtape Letters international sensation. 1950 first of seven 'Narnia' children books. 1954 became professor at Cambridge University. 1955 autobiography Surprised by Joy. 1956 married Joy Davidman (with whom he had no children), published fable Till We have Faces. 1960 Joy died of cancer. 1961 heart-breaking A Grief Observed, failing health. Died November 22, 1963. Buried Headington Quarry churchyard near Oxford.

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C. S. LEWIS HAD A NOSE FOR THE FALSE (LONG BEFORE THE RECENT DESPERATE INCORPORATION OF 'PUNCTUATED EQUILIBRIUM' TO EXPLAIN NO FOSSIL EVIDENCE FOR GRADUAL EVOLUTION), SUSPECTING THE FALSEHOODS PROMOTED BY EVOLUTIONISTS: (I)...believe less than half of what it (theory of evolution) tells me about the past, and less than nothing of what it tells me about the future....

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