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Born June 9, 1957, near Charleston, West Virginia.  Youngest of 1 sister, 2 brothers. Father: janitor, entrepreneur. Father died during adolescence. Raised Baptist. Schooled into college. Childhood distinctions: ambitious, outgoing. 1973 became 'Bible Boy' after father's death but lisp discouraged preaching. 1974 psychology major in college. 1976 mystical visions compelled him to preach as itinerant. 1980 married Serita Jamison (with whom he had two daughters, three sons), pastored part time store-front Temple of Faith church in tiny town, worked in chemical plant. 1982 lost chemical plant job, struggled to survive as full-time pastor. 1983 began radio programs, 'Back to Bible' conferences. 1990 became 'vice bishop' of 200 Pentecostal churches, founded Temple of Faith church in Charleston, West Virginia. 1993 counseling women grew to regional, then to national conferences, then to best-selling Woman, Thou Art Loosed! (first of many); began television program. 1994 founded T. D. Jakes Ministries, added counseling conferences for men and pastors. 1996 founded Potter's House 'megachurch' in Dallas, Texas; recorded album Woman, Thou Art Loosed!. 1997 baptizing and counseling four Dallas Cowboys solidified national reputation. 1998 launched 232-acre 'City of Refuge' and new 14,000-seat Potter's House; often invited on secular national television as spokesperson for African-Americans; best-seller The Lady, Her Lover and Her Lord with secular publisher.

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Anointing Fall on Me.  Pneuma Life, 1997.                                                    PB 
But I can't Afford To Tithe. TDJakes Ministry, 1997.                              PB
Can You Stand to Be Blessed?  Destiny Image,  1995.                                PB
Can You Stand to Be Blessed?/Workbook. Destiny Image, 1995.          PB
Daddy Loves His Girls. Creation House, 1996.                                            PB
A Fresh Glimpse of the Dove. Pneuma Life, 1998.                                        PB
Harvest. Pneuma Life, 1995.                                                                                PB
The Harvest Workbook.   Pneuma Life, 1995.                                                PB
Have You Received Since You Believed?  TDJ Min., 1997.                        PB
Help I'm Raising My Children Alone. Creation House, 1996.                  PB
Help Me I've Fallen : And I Cant Get Up. Pneuma Life, 1995.                  PB
Help Me to Fit Into Church. TDJ Min., 1997.                                                  PB
His Lady : Sacred Promises for God's Woman. Berkley, 1999.                PB
(ed. TDJ)
Holy Bible NKJV (Woman Thou Are Loosed). 1999. HC            PB
I Choose to Forgive.  TDJ Min., 1997.                                                                PB
It is Not Natural to Live Holy, It's Spiritual. TDJ Min., 1997.                  PB
The Lady, Her Lover and Her Lord. Putnam, 1998.                                    HC
Lay Aside the Weight.  Albury, 1997.                                                                HC
Lay Aside the Weight: Workbook and Journal. Albury, 1998.                PB
Loose That Man & Let Him Go! Albury, 1996.                          HC                PB
Loose That Man & Let Him Go! (Devotional). Albury, 1998.                    HC
Loose That Man & Let Him Go! (Workbook). Albury, 1998.                      PB
Lord I Miss My Time/You. TDJ Min., 1997.                                                      PB
Maximize the Moment : God's Action Plan for Your Life. Putnam, 1999.        HC
Naked and Not Ashamed. Destiny Image, 1995.                                            PB
Naked and Not Ashamed Workbook.  Destiny Image, 1995.                      PB
Our Walk.  Albury, 1999.                                                            PB
Our Warfare. Albury, 1999.                                                        PB
Our Wealth.  Albury, 1999.                                                        PB
Our Wedding.  Albury, 1999.                                                      PB
Our Workmanship.  Albury, 1999.                                          PB
Our Worship.  Albury, 1999.                                                      PB
Provoke God with Your Giving. TDJ Min., 1997.                PB
Saints with Sinners Problems. TDJ Min., 1997.                  PB
Six Pillars for the Believer.  Albury, 1999.                              PB
So You Call Yourself a Man? Albury, 1997.                            PB
T.D. Jakes Speaks to Men!
Albury, 1996.                                PB
T.D. Jakes Speaks to Women! Albury, 1996.                          PB
Tithing Is a Matter of Love...Not Law. TDJ Min., 1997.    PB
Water Baptism Who Needs It. TDJ Min., 1997.                    PB
Water in the Wilderness.  Pneuma Life, 1996.                      PB
(with Stanley Miller)
When Shepherds Bleed : A Study Guide for .                PB
Wounded Pastors. Pneuma Life, 1997. 
Why Because You Are Annointed.  Pneuma Life, 1996.                                        PB
Why Because You Are Annointed/Workbook.  Pneuma Life, 1996.                PB
Winning Battle in Your Own Mind.  TDJ Min., 1997.                                            PB
Woman Thou Art Loosed/Workbook.  Destiny Image, 1995.                              PB
Woman Thou Art Loosed: Devotional Guide.  Albury, 1998.                    HC      PB
Woman, Thou Art Loosed. Destiny Image, 1993.                                          HC      PB

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Black Religion and Black Radicalism: An Interpretation     PB
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. Maryknoll, NY: Orbis, 1998. 

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