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Born September or October 1451 in Genoa, Italy. Oldest of 1 sister, 4 brothers. Father: weaver. Both parents lived into his adulthood. Raised Catholic. Self educated. Childhood distinctions: adventurous, proud. 1465 ca. first sea voyage. 1471 ca. regularly at sea. 1476 swam ashore in Portugal after sea battle, became resident of Lisbon. 1477 sailed to Iceland. 1478 ca. made captain, sailed down African coast. 1479 married Felipa of Portuguese nobility. 1480 son Diego born. 1484 ca. Felipa died. 1485 moved to Spain after King John II (Portugal) rejected his plan to sail west to China. 1486 plan rejected by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain. 1486-1491 plan rejected by royalty in England and France, and again in Portugal and Spain. 1492 plan approved by Ferdinand and Isabella, sailed to Americas with three ships. 1493 returned to Spain and acclaim. 1493-6 Second voyage. 1498-1500 Third voyage ended with Columbus returning to Spain in chains. 1502-1504 Fourth voyage. 1504 his ally Isabella died. May 20, 1506 died at Valladolid, still petitioning for his reward from Spanish royalty. Buried at Seville, Spain.

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