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Born August 17, 1761, Paulerspury, Northampton, England. Oldest of 2 sisters, 2 brothers. Father: schoolteacher, parish clerk. Parents lived well into his adult years. Raised Anglican church. Schooled until 12. Childhood distinctions: nature-lover, studious. 1775 apprenticed to shoemaker. 1779 became Dissenter. June 10, 1781, married Dorothy Plackett (with whom he had five sons, two daughters). 1782 first preached. 1785 dreamed of missionary work. 1787 ordained Baptist minister. 1792 published Enquiry, the classic delineation of missions, and helped found Baptist Missionary Society. 1793 arrived India. 1794 left deadly Sundarbans for indigo plant at Mudnabati. 1795 Dorothy mentally ill. 1797 completed New Testament in Bengali language. January 1800 opened base in Serampore, near Calcutta. 1801 began teaching at Fort William college (Calcutta) 1802 printed New Testament in Bengali. 1802 infanticide banned (for which he was partly responsible). 1805 began 'free schools' 1807 Dorothy (insane) died. 1808 printed New Testament in Sanskrit (key to all subsequent translations). 1808 married Charlotte Rumohr. 1812 Fire destroyed presses. 1818 founded Serampore College. 1820 founded Botanical Society. 1821 Charlotte died. 1822 married Grace Hughes. 1827 broke with B. M. S.. 1829 Sati (widow burning) banned (for which he was partly responsible). 1830 reunited with B. M. S.. June 6, 1834, died and buried at Serampore. Hailed as 'Father of Modern Missions'.

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