George Washington Carver 

Born near Diamond Grove, Missouri, probably in 1864 but possibly as early as 1861. Youngest of 1 sister, 2 brothers. Slave father Giles died before birth. Slave mother Mary kidnapped during George's infancy. Raised by Moses and Susan Carver. As youth attended African Methodist and Presbyterian churches. Childhood distinctions: ingenious, restless. Never married. 1874 had mystical experience with pocketknife. 1875 moved to Neosho to begin school. 1877 moved to Fort Scott, Kansas. 1879 left Fort Scott after black man lynched. 1880 lived Minneapolis, Kansas, through high school. 1885 refused admission by Highland College. 1886 homesteaded in Ness County, Kansas. 1890 abandoned homestead, entered Simpson College (Iowa). 1891 entered Iowa State. 1892 won awards for painting. 1893 first scientific paper: 'Grafting the Cacti'. 1894 graduated college. 1896 Master's Degree Botany (Iowa State), accepted position Tuskegee Institute (Alabama). 1903 began classic studies on peanut. 1906 started 'Jesup Agricultural Wagon'. 1915 Booker T. Washington died. 1916 international recognition (Royal Fellow of Britain). 1921 dazzled U.S. Congress with presentation on peanuts. 1923 Springarn Medal. 1924 lambasted by liberal papers for religious beliefs. 1930's as national figure broke color barrier by speaking in many southern white colleges. 1938 health began to fail. 1939 opened his Tuskegee museum. 1942 fall worsened health. Died January 5, 1943, in Tuskegee.

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Christopher Columbus (real name: Cristoforo Colombo)         

Born September or October 1451 in Genoa, Italy. Oldest of 1 sister, 4 brothers. Father: weaver. Both parents lived into his adulthood. Raised Catholic. Self educated. Childhood distinctions: adventurous, proud. 1465 ca. first sea voyage. 1471 ca. regularly at sea. 1476 swam ashore in Portugal after sea battle, became resident of Lisbon. 1477 sailed to Iceland. 1478 ca. made captain, sailed down African coast. 1479 married Felipa of Portuguese nobility. 1480 son Diego born. 1484 ca. Felipa died. 1485 moved to Spain after King John II (Portugal) rejected his plan to sail west to China. 1486 plan rejected by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain. 1486-1491 plan rejected by royalty in England and France, and again in Portugal and Spain. 1492 plan approved by Ferdinand and Isabella, sailed to Americas with three ships. 1493 returned to Spain and acclaim. 1493-6 Second voyage. 1498-1500 Third voyage ended with Columbus returning to Spain in chains. 1502-1504 Fourth voyage. 1504 his ally Isabella died. May 20, 1506 died at Valladolid, still petitioning for his reward from Spanish royalty. Buried at Seville, Spain.

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Frederick the Wise (1463-1525)

Born January 17, 1463, in Torgau, Saxony (in Germany). 4 brothers, 2 sisters. Father: Ernst, ruler [Elector] of Saxony and of the powerful House of Wettin. Mother: Elisabeth, princess of the influential House of Wittelsbach. Grandmother: Margarethe, sister of Friedrich III, the Habsburg emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. Raised Roman Catholic. Childhood distinctions: First Wettin ruler fluent in Latin. Trains also in the martial arts of the knight. 1486 Becomes ruler [Elector] of Saxony at 23. Begins Grand Plan to make Wittenberg showcase of Saxony. 1493 Travels to the Holy Land. 1494 Imperial councilor in Emperor Maximilian's court. 1498 Imperial Statthalter, next in authority to Maximilian. 1504 After Berthold von Mainz dies Frederick becomes staunchest foe of imperial power. 1507 Pope Julius II appeals to all to bequeath religious relics to Frederick's famed relic collection.1511 Approves Martin Luther as Professor of the Bible at Frederick's university in Wittenberg. 1513 Shares power with his brother Johann. 1517 Realizes Luther's 95 theses will enrage the pope. 1518 Refuses to surrender Luther. 1519 Although the most powerful prince in the empire he turns down chance to become the new emperor. 1521 Has Luther 'kidnapped' and hidden at Wartburg castle. 1522 Gives up collecting relics. 1525 Dies May 5 at age 62 and is buried in the Wittenberg castle church. Brother Johann becomes Elector of Saxony. .

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Billy Graham

Born November 7, 1918, in Charlotte, North Carolina. Oldest of 2 sisters, 2 brothers. Father: dairy farmer. Parents both lived into his adulthood. Raised Presbyterian. Schooled through college. Childhood distinctions: gregarious, energetic. 1934 answered altar call from revivalist Mordecai Ham. 1937 began Florida Bible Institute. 1938 committed to Christ on Florida golf course. 1939 ordained Baptist minister. 1940 began Wheaton College. 1943 graduated Wheaton, married Ruth Bell (with whom he had three daughters, two sons), began pastoring Hinsdale, Illinois. 1944 began 'Songs in the Night' radio program, preached at Youth for Christ rallies of Torrey Johnson. 1946 in England with Youth for Christ. 1948 formed his 'team' (Grady Wilson, Cliff Barrows and Bev Shea), brainstormed Crusade principals in 'Modesto Manifesto'. 1949 national figure during Los Angeles rally. 1950 launched 'Hour of Decision' radio program, bungled meeting with President Truman, incorporated Billy Graham Evangelical Association. 1951 began World Wide Pictures film studio. 1953 with Eisenhower began friendships with American presidents. 1953
Peace with God (first of his many books). 1954 triumphant England Crusade. 1956 launched Christianity Today magazine. 1957 notable New York Crusade. 1977 crusaded behind Iron Curtain (Hungary). 1982 preached in Russia. 1984 full-fledged Russian crusade. 1990 began vast satellite network Mission World to reach 100 million. 1995 Global Mission reached one billion!

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George, born a slave in Missouri, personally knew both President Roosevelts.

Billy and his 'Team' perfected evangelical 'crusades'.

T. D. Jakes

Born June 9, 1957, near Charleston, West Virginia.  Youngest of 1 sister, 2 brothers. Father: janitor, entrepreneur. Father died during adolescence. Raised Baptist. Schooled into college. Childhood distinctions: ambitious, outgoing. 1973 became 'Bible Boy' after father's death but lisp discouraged preaching. 1974 psychology major in college. 1976 mystical visions compelled him to preach as itinerant. 1980 married Serita Jamison (with whom he had two daughters, three sons), pastored part time store-front Temple of Faith church in tiny town, worked in chemical plant. 1982 lost chemical plant job, struggled to survive as full-time pastor. 1983 began radio programs, 'Back to Bible' conferences. 1990 became 'vice bishop' of 200 Pentecostal churches, founded Temple of Faith church in Charleston, West Virginia. 1993 counseling women grew to regional, then to national conferences, then to best-selling
Woman, Thou Art Loosed! (first of many); began television program. 1994 founded T. D. Jakes Ministries, added counseling conferences for men and pastors. 1996 founded Potter's House 'megachurch' in Dallas, Texas; recorded album Woman, Thou Art Loosed!. 1997 baptizing and counseling four Dallas Cowboys solidified national reputation. 1998 launched 232-acre 'City of Refuge' and new 14,000-seat Potter's House; often invited on secular national television as spokesperson for African-Americans; best-seller The Lady, Her Lover and Her Lord with secular publisher.

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C. S. Lewis                         

Born November 29, 1898 in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Youngest of 2 brothers. Father: lawyer. Raised Anglican. Childhood distinctions: bookish, intellectual. Schooled through Oxford University. 1905 mystical experience with 'toy garden'. 1908 mother Flora died. Began English 'public school'. 1914 privately tutored by Kirkpatrick in England. 1917 entered Oxford, left to fight in World War I. 1918 wounded in France. 1919 re-entered Oxford, published first poetry
Spirit in Bondage. 1921 lived with Mrs. Moore and daughter. 1925 elected Fellow at Oxford. 1929 no longer atheist; met Tolkien weekly (eventually Inklings). 1930 bought 'Kilns' estate with Mrs. Moore and brother Warnie. 1931 accepted Christ. 1936 Allegory of Love first acclaimed academic writing. 1938 Out of the Silent Planet began noted fiction. 1940 Problem of Pain first of great apologetics. 1941 BBC radio talks explaining Christianity. 1942 satire The Screwtape Letters international sensation. 1950 first of seven 'Narnia' children books. 1954 became professor at Cambridge University. 1955 autobiography Surprised by Joy. 1956 married Joy Davidman (with whom he had no children), published fable Till We have Faces. 1960 Joy died of cancer. 1961 heart-breaking A Grief Observed, failing health. Died November 22,1963. Buried Headington Quarry churchyard near Oxford.

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T. D. has authored books that sell in the millions.




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